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Social Media and Online Marketing Expert, St. Louis, MO

What is “engagement” in the realm of social media marketing? Many experts in social media, reference “engaging” with your followers, fans, clients, etc., but what does that really mean?  Many businesses have pages on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, blog, and maintain their own web site, are trying to build online exposure.  Isn’t that enough?  The answer? No. Although all of these activities are very time-consuming for businesses, it is still not enough.

If you think of social media in terms of a traditional “engagement”, it is not merely proposing and slipping a ring on a finger.  There is much more to a real engagement.  The initial proposal and ring are merely introductions to building a long-lasting and committed relationship.  So is the same with building a relationship with clients and potential clients within social media sites.  Not only do you connect with them, you need to build a relationship and hold their interest.  If you have made a proposal, you are connecting.  But if you haven’t committed to working on your relationship, you may lose your fans.  Those visiting your page and expressing an interest in what you are doing or your products are interested enough to spend valuable time on your page.  It is up to you to ensure they are not only interested enough to keep coming back, but are willing to comment, post, or “like” what you are offering.

By posting content or third-party content to your business page, and not offering more, you begin isolating yourself from your valuable customers.  Just as if your customer was walking into a brick and mortar store, they wish to be welcomed, greeted, possibly learn about your products and/or services, and leave feeling valued.  The interaction you offer on your business page must leave your customers with this same type of engagement.

Social media strategist, Amy Porterfield, offers advice on “How to Get the Conversation Started on Facebook” in her June 16th video post on YouTube.  Amy references what she has labeled “chat-ups” to engage with consumers through Facebook.  Amy states, “Engagement is the name of the game when it comes to Facebook success. If your Fans aren’t talking (commenting, posting, Liking your posts, etc.) on your Page, you are pretty much talking to yourself. Sad, but true.”  This information is true for many social media sites, not only for Facebook.

Engagement is valuable to your online marketing strategy.  If you keep your focus on relating to a physical store’s customer service or how a wedding engagement actually begins, you will be more “in tune” to keeping these valuable pieces of marketing top of mind.

Check out this video to find out more about making engagement with your fans, clients, and followers EASY: http://youtu.be/Ys0MxSI8U1U


29. June 2011 by Mischa
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