Social Media Consultants: Facebook Posting Strategies

By Mischa Truong-Tran – Social Media Consultants of St. Louis, MO

Two of the most frequent questions asked of social media strategists by people who want to use Facebook in their social media marketing campaigns relate to how often they should post and when. The best approaches take into consideration the needs of the businesses and the type of fans they want to attract to their business page.

When attempting to identify the ideal frequency of posts, it may be a good idea to try a few different things in an effort to uncover the social media strategy that works best for Facebook marketing in your niche.  After all, you know your customers best, and you know would make your idea fans.

A recent Facebook study by Virtue asserted that posts made on Friday are 13% more engaging than Saturday posts, 7% more engaging than Monday posts and 3% more engaging than Tuesday and Thursday posts. In a separate study, Buddy Media suggested that there is an 18% increase in engagement rates for Thursday and Friday posts vs. other days of the week.  This same study revealed that there was an 18% reduction in engagement when content was posted on Saturday. Evidently, according to this research, it looks like your opportunities for engagement increase if you post your content on Fridays.

Here are some basic questions that may be worth your time to answer. 1) How often will you post updates to your page?  2) What will you post about? 3) When will you use text-only versus links? 4) Will you use 3rd party content to add value? 5) Will you mix up media and use video, audio, photos?   Answering these questions should definitely help you create your ideal social media strategy.

On top of that, you may want to consider having other people who can help you post additional content.  If so, be sure to establish each person as an administrator of your page, and assign roles to each of them.  Asses and establish the ideal topics of discussion. Establish times for updating your page.  All of these steps will be important.

It’s not a secret there are some automated posting tools that can make it possible for you to make automatic posts to your Facebook account.  However, it is helpful to know that Facebook treats these auto-posts as “less valuable” than they do when you post live, directly on Facebook.  If you use automated tools to schedule your posts too frequently, don’t be surprised if you don’t appear in the news feeds of your fans.  One alternative strategy would be to use a mix of posts from an auto-posting tool along with a reasonable number of direct posts as well.

While there are no hard and fast rules, written in stone as to how often you should post your content, be sure to keep your fans’ expectations in mind.  Several posts a day may be too much information, while one post per month may not be enough to keep your fans engaged.  You know your fans better than anyone else. Let your knowledge of your fan base serve as a useful guide


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Mason Duchatschek's newest book at reveals his #1 SECRET to attracting and converting more customers online using social media strategies & Internet video marketing.

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