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 By Mischa Truong-Tran

Social Media Expert / Social Media Strategist – Social Media Training of St. Louis, MO

Look around and you will find a sign that says “Like us on Facebook”.  It’s important for businesses to have people “like” their Facebook page?  Why?

Most social media experts will tell you that the LIKE button is crucial to their Facebook marketing success. The LIKE button helps connect you with fans.  It also ensures that your fans see your posts on their wall.  You want to get users to LIKE your page and you want to get fans to LIKE your posts.  This is a crucial component for social media in business.

Regarding the Facebook news feed, anything posted on Facebook is considered an object. Objects are defined as status updates, links, videos, or any other updates.  Objects are all ranked in the news feed based on affinity, weight and time decay.

Affinity is recognized as the level of connection you have with fans.  Weight refers to the type of interaction.  Time Decay refers to the length of time you’re your object has been posted. Just like with Youtube marketing, mobile marketing (text message marketing), Twitter marketing and other forms of Internet marketing, it is important to keep your content fresh and new.  These criteria will measure your post and determine if your post is important enough to put out into the top news feeds of your fans.

The measurements of affinity, weight, and time decay are actually scored by EdgeRank.  The higher your EdgeRank score, the more likely it is to be visible on a fan’s “Top Stories” in their news feed.  As a side note, you can check your EdgeRank score by going to

If you want to increase your EdgeRank score, social media consultants suggest that you do four things: 1) Post content that increases value and then get fans to LIKE it 2) Post often and be consistent 3) Use photos and video to get even more exposure 4) Ask questions that require one word responses.

Keep in mind that statistics from a Hubspot Study show: “The number of fans a company’s Facebook Page has correlates with the number of leads generated:  Businesses with 501 to 1,000 Facebook fans generated 4 times more leads than those with 1 to 25 fans. And the leads numbers only increase as fan size increases.  Every new fan or “like” you get increases your chances of spreading your content to more and more potential customers who could become leads. Make it easy for people to become a Facebook fan by adding “follow me” buttons and links to our website pages.”

Although clicking a LIKE seems fairly fast and easy, there are plenty of things behind the scenes that help market your business. Now that you have this knowledge, I encourage you to utilize it to maximize your LIKEs and build a tribe of fans.  Social media in business is an essential piece of any marketing strategy and campaign, so make it easy and build fans.


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Mason Duchatschek's newest book at reveals his #1 SECRET to attracting and converting more customers online using social media strategies & Internet video marketing.

07. April 2012 by Mason Duchatschek
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