Social Media Strategies: Offline Service and Internet Sales

By Mason Duchatschek

Social Media Speaker, Social Media Strategist and Social Media Marketing Consultant – St. Louis, MO

Want to know what you and your organization can do when you aren’t on the Internet that can affect your sales revenue online? It’s really simple. Anyone can do it.

Let me give you a real life example.  I live in St. Louis and I wanted a convertible sports car.  To be more specific, I wanted a Porsche Boxster.  I visited and did a search for all the Porsche Boxster’s available within a 500 mile radius.  I compared prices and checked CarFax reports for several months as well.

Eventually, I found exactly what I wanted. It was a grey automobile with a black leather interior and it only had about 28,000 miles. It was in Des Moines, Iowa at Stew Hansen Hyundai.  It was a dealership with upfront pricing and they had it priced very competitively.

I called up the sales rep Bryan and asked him all sorts of questions. By the time we were finished, I put down a deposit and made plans to go to Des Moines and check it out on the contingency that it was everything he described and that I would get a warranty so I wouldn’t get stuck in the middle of nowhere if it broke down on the way home.

His sales manager Danny agreed and gave me a 1 month, 1,000 mile warranty on the drive train and anything they evaluated and looked at. I went to the Internet and read reviews of their dealership. I read comments about my sales rep too.  They were all positive. The CarFax reports were solid too. I felt comfortable.

When I got home, it looked like there might be a problem that wasn’t on the drivetrain or on the list of things they inspected.

I spoke with the Danny the sales manager. He could have insisted that I drive the vehicle back to their location to examine and/or service it.  He could have told me tough luck.

And, if he did, then I wouldn’t be singing the praises of this dealership or their management team all over the Internet. In fact, it could have very easily been the opposite.

He asked me to go to a Porsche dealership here in St. Louis and have it evaluated and let him know what the bill was.  He offered to work with me to defray costs even though he “technically” didn’t have to. In the end, it turned out to be nothing, but they were ready to stand behind it and that what was what made me such a fan.

Here’s what my sales rep Bryan, the Sales Manager Danny and the rest of the dealership at Stew Hansen Hyundai understand that many others don’t. Outstanding customer service OFFLINE can be the best ONLINE sales strategy you can have.

Why?  They could have contracted and employed the most well known advertising firms, advertising agencies or advertising agents in the United States to create the most awesome ads ever and it wouldn’t have mattered to me at all. They could have employed all kinds of social media strategists, social media training companies or social media consultants and there’s nothing they could have done to prevent angry customers from damaging their reputation online.

They could however, ensure that they kept customers from getting upset in the first place.  They could choose to do the little “extras” that turn pleased customers into evangelists. And, that’s exactly what they did.

Word of mouth travels quickly. Words on keyboards do as well and because they are on the Internet and don’t get erased easily, if ever, it is critical that you think of the consequences of your words and actions with your customers.

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Mason Duchatschek's newest book at reveals his #1 SECRET to attracting and converting more customers online using social media strategies & Internet video marketing.

About Mason Duchatschek

Mason Duchatschek's newest book at reveals his #1 SECRET to attracting and converting more customers online using social media strategies & Internet video marketing.

03. January 2013 by Mason Duchatschek
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